Web design and development

How it works

Because you need and want a custom design that reflects your company’s goals, I will work one-on-one with you to create the perfect site. The custom design process includes the following components:

  1. Design Interview
  2. Design Production & Revisions
  3. Format Content & Add Scripts
  4. First Draft Proofing & Revisions
  5. Site Launch

Once the process gets started, using your ideas, concepts and logo, I will provide three different design images. You will choose your favorite of the three, and then we will use this preliminary design to guide us through the process of achieving your site’s look. We will work together to revise the design until you are happy with it, and then I will code it into web pages.

The entire process relies heavily on your ability to provide me with the necessary information. If I don’t have the materials necessary to create pages, I won’t be able to move as quickly on your project.


Design: The first or home page of the site is billed at a flat rate of $500 which includes the design interview, the custom design image production and the design revisions. Once the revisions are completed and the design approved, further changes can and will result in additional design charges. The home page establishes your site’s brand identity, and from there, the rest of the site will emphasize design continuity and easy-to-use navigation, using the initial page as a template.

Interior page design: This is a flat rate fee that includes a predetermined number of standard interior pages built off a template that is based on the site’s home page. The fee is determined based on the number of pages your site needs.

Web gallery production: A flat rate of $240 includes up to two galleries with a maximum of 15 images in each for a total of 30 images.

Ongoing web site maintenance: Ongoing site maintenance is an important component in maintaining your brand identity on the Web. I charge an hourly fee of $70 for site maintenance. This fee is billed on a quarter hour basis, with a minimum charge of $17.50 for 15 minutes.


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